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    I just got my Verizon 700p and ould like to download some ringtones. On my old LG I just used the ringtone app to download them. This unit I was told to use the web and goto but it seems like I have to buy an app just to get the ringtones on there. How can I just download the ringtone.

    Also, what software can I use with the sync cable to transfer the ringtone to my unit.

    Thanks for any hekp
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    Well to start backwards and answer your last question: HOTSYNC. That is what you will use with your sync cable for all programs you install. Or you can install via a card reader. As for ringtones, There are many things you can do. I suggest doing a search of the forum for the 650 and 700. There are dozens of people who have gone through this.

    One great way is to email yourself a small .wav file of a ringtone, then when you download it from the email it will convert to a ringtone for your phone. I personally use RingoPro for mp3 ringtones. Also you there are websites like that have ringtones.

    Good Luck

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