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    My Motorola HS850 and Motorola H700 work flawlessly (IMO) with my Treo. Occasionally, with the H700, I have people tell me that they can't hear me or I sound faint. But I think that's the headset since the issue goes away when I close and re-open the headset boom (basically power cycling the headset).
    Joshua Miller
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    just came back from the VZW store. I played w my plantronics 510 and the 700 P and W for a hour. the P worked flawless with the P. I noticed the BT icon on always stayed as a picture of the headphones. this is different than the 650. 700 was much faster!

    I also paied with the Q and that worked even better. The Q connects as soon as u start to dial a number so it is much faster. on incomming calls it was faster too. the Q was ver slow though and cumbersom
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    my hs850 has worked very well, just as it has for last 4 phones i have had
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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883
    The 510 is great on the Treo 650, however, it is listed as incompatable with the Treo700 (check palm BT chart). I know, as I have used the 510 with both the treo 650 and 700.

    I've been using the 510 w/ WindStop since my first 700P (I've gone through three of them now) and haven't had any problems with the 510 w/ 700P.
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    My 700p/JX-10 works better than my old phone/BT (Razr/H700).
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    I have a Motorola HS500 and though I rarely use my Sprint Treo 700p as a phone,I have on occasion done so and each time with a headset - not a problem at all. Nice and clear and commented upon by Sprint customer service.

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