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    I too have had terrible battery performance with my new 700p (VZW) . Tried all the power saving tips. Turned off BT, set screen auto dim to the lowest time settings, turn down back light to a sick glow, turned beam off, turned WIFI off (just kidding - we wish) but still battery life would stink, half day-ish. My old Treo 600 would last three to five days between charges with a lot of calls and manual snappermail downloads.

    Well this is what I noticed. My screen when in phone pad mode would flicker. Not the whole screen mind you - just the "GPS location cross-hair". Like every second that icon only would ficker (and once in a while the battery icon too but only every 20-30 secs or so). Nothing else would flicker. The rest of the screen would be perfect. It was like something was hunting and refreshing and hunting and refreshing, etc. So after reading almost every post here about the 700p I saw a post about someone installing the new "Universal Wireless Keyboard Driver" (v1.13) to help with a bluetooth disconnection issue. We'll I'm experiencing poor BT porfomance too - BUT THAT's ANOTHER SUBJECT. Anyways I decided to back up and then install the UWKD. With that done I still noticed the cross-hair flicker. So this is what I did that solved my cross-hair flicker and my battery drain poor erformance issue. Weird...

    I opened the newly installed UWKD program and hit the drop-down box and selected "Settings". Status: showed "ON". I then went to the drop-down box again and selected "Power". I slid the power saving bar to High. Then check the box "Enable Power Saving". Then went back to the "Settings" screen and turned the Status to "OFF". I didn't really need to do the power saving thing first but I just wanted to make sure. I then exited out and went back to the phone pad mode. Presto - NO FLICKER. The flicker on the GPS locator cross-hair was dead still (like normal). For the last three days battery performance is back to what I'd expect for the 700p. Not as good as my old 600. But close. It all this weird.....
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    How long ago did you do this? You've really noticed that much difference?
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    I completed it the procedure in Post #1 Sunday Night. 700p has been going strong since. It will be very interesting to see if others have same/similar results. I have noticed while gazing at the battery icon and GPS cross-hair that they still do flicker but only once in a while - kinda like a normal screen refresh. Only flickers once every 20-30 secs and the two don't do it at the same time or in the same pattern when they do. Weird....
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    Hey Pyroprophet thanks for the tip! I have not been happy with battery life and also noticed that icon flashing.

    Hopefully your fix will work for me too. If it does I will be sure to post back here again.
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    Can you please post a link to the driver here?

    I even bought the Seidio battery and was gettting very upset. Even with that battery it is BAD. I unpluged a full battery when I left work a little after 5 yesterday and by 7:30 it was down to 50%.
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    For everybody... here's the link...
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    Thanks for the download link and instructions. I have the 2400 Seidio battery in my Sprint 700p and have followed the instructions you left. Hopefully, this will increase the battery life.
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    did you install this even though you dont have a keyboard or are you using a keyboard?
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    I do not have the wireless keyboard but installed driver anyway.
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    Great find, Great find! Such small discoveries make life so pleasant for all of us. Your find seems to be working well for my T700 and I am glad. The battery drain is only about one half what it was

    Many thanks and kudos,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyroprophet
    I do not have the wireless keyboard but installed driver anyway.
    Same here, I'm a sucker on trying new things
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    can't wait for the results
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    I just installed and I will try it never hurts to try
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    I have it installed, with the settings as suggested in post #1, but my bluetooth, gps and evdo icons are still flickering.
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    Installed it and to my surprise the blinking went off, wow , i just hope this works, i did notice that now the IR port is disabled but its ok because i barely ever use it anyway, its always on searching maybe thats a big power drainer, if you take a digital camera or a camcorder and you point it at the IR port of the treo you can see the beam of light always on, i know this has to consume a pretty big amount of power.
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    I tried the suggestion but the EVDO indicator, GPS cross-hair, and bluetooth indicator still flicker a lot. Is there any other suggestion?

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    Have others noticed that the IR port does not work on their Treos? Are there any performance changes when using a Bluetooth headset?
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    I've been using it all day and although I'm still seeing the GPS and bluetooth icon flickering the drain has slowed some. Still more than I think it should be, but better. From Filez after about an hour and a half I went from 100% to 89%.
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    Mine flickers but I have no battery drain issue. My battery drains roughy 1.3% per hour. I take my phone off the charger at 8:40am and I get home about 6:40pm and my phone will be down to about 85-87%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode
    Mine flickers but I have no battery drain issue. My battery drains roughy 1.3% per hour. I take my phone off the charger at 8:40am and I get home about 6:40pm and my phone will be down to about 85-87%.
    That is the best battery performance I've heard yet. Do you have BT enabled during the day?
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