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    i got my treo 700p for $149 INCLUDING tax and FEDEX overnight shipping. i did NOT have to renew my contract...and i got to keep my old phone. i have been a customer for about 8 years...spend about $200 with sprint.

    i bought one of the first evdo phones...the a900 and had a lot of (documented) problems with it. i called retention and they offered me a series of discounts...and i ended up paying $149 with tax and overnight shipping. i am getting ready to sell my a900 on ebay. maybe i'll get $149 for it and make my treo free
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    i got my 700 for 150 too. it should have been less but they messed something up, but i cannot complain.
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    Ok being techo challenged as I am
    I have been watching the Treo's for over a year
    We have Earthlink Home ISP for many years.

    The Promo was $199. for a year or more Wiating for the old service contract to expire.

    When we called they offered the 650 for $149 & after 2 months of service{2 year contract} they refund $100. each.

    So two brand new {not refurbuished} 650's for $49.95 each.

    No haggling
    comes with software
    handfree 1 bud
    500 anytime
    unlimited data
    @ about $50 {i forget exactlymight be more}
    a month, runs on sprint network. I just checked as of today its still valid

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    Here is what I got last week,

    Sprint Sero 500:
    500 Anytime Min
    Free Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
    Free Nights and weekends (Starting at 6pm) :-)
    Free 500 Text Messages
    Free First Incoming Minute Free
    Free Unlimited Power Vision (Data)
    - 25% Corp Discount

    Total = $22.50 a month

    Treo 700p Price matched in store for $260 out the door
    - $230 Mail in Rebate
    Total = $30 After Rebate

    Beat that deal!

    fyi eCare and retentions are to thank for the rate plan if anyone wants to try and match it.
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    here's a little trick nitro. the 500 text messages and 6pm nights and weekends are worth $8/month and $10/month respectively. on your bill you will notice that they charge you those amounts and credit them back each month. if you find yourself not using 500 text messages and the minutes to their full potential you can have a rep switch you off and keep getting the rebates for 2 years. maybe put that money towards a lockline plan or something.
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    is that with or without a 2-year contract? I was offered similar, but the sticking point is the new 2-year contract. I am out of contract and still on my 600.
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