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    Ok, it may have been discussed already, but do the Sprint and Verizon 700Ps come with different email clients in ROM? My Sprint 700P has something called "Email" and when I go into the about screen, it says that it is VersaMail v3.5.1. TeamWasabi in the best email app. thread says his Verizon 700P has something just called "Mail" and the about screen says "Mail".
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    I thought both Sprint and Verizon 700ps came with VersaMail.
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    The Sprint 700p comes with Versamail in ROM. The Verizon 700p comes with Versamail on CD that you have to load (the Mac installer will automatically load this on the first synch, I haven't tried the Windows installer). BOTH of them show up in the launcher as "Email". Anyone who says they show up as Mail is mistaken.
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    Yes, on the Verizon unit it shows up as Email. I didn't install VersaMail, and use Chatter instead.

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