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    I have read all the hype about different launchers and there seem to be a lot of die hard followers out there. I tried out a couple different ones (Launcher X, Z Launcher, Initiate, etc) very briefly, but I didn't see much value in them. Granted I didn't really give them a fair chance as they were all installed for a few hours each. I have looked at different sites trying to find what features make them so appealing and am having trouble seeing what justifies the cost. Do they offer a performance gain in speed of launching apps? The fact that they are skinnable? Built in file explorers (which can be accomplished with other 3rd party apps) or other features? The built in Palm launcher works fine, but I am trying to see what I may be missing, what makes the 3rd party launchers so robust?

    Thanks for the input.

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    Why I use a third party launcher (LauncherX):
    • Easier organization of applications.
    • Faster access to launching the ones you use most.
    • Seamless integration of running apps from your SD card! (This means you move all your large apps off to the card and almost never have issues running out of the Treo650's 32M internal memory.)
    • Hiding certain apps (e.g. from your kids).
    • Better looking cosmetics.
    • Variable size fonts & icon spacing to maximize apps on a single screen.

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    I second everything ERic said. I would add that the "drag and drop" functionality of Launch X (I'm sure others as well) by itself sells the product. I can drag and drop to: my card, back to RAM, mail, beam, delete, rename, and even most of the functions of FileZ. FileZ also has advance functions that I only use once in a while. With all the other "gadgets" right on the main launcher page I can access a lot of the phone preference without having to search through different menus.

    Give anything you try a chance, LX has a 15 day trail period. At least then you can say that you know that you don't want it.

    IMO a 3rd. party launcher is a most for even a half-power user. I've had LX since my Treo300, even did a trial on my M515.

    look at this thread and see just how many people put a 3rd party launcher down as a top 5 application.
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    I agree with ERicJ above, only I use ZLauncher. I got it soon after getting my 650 for the skins and organization but then discovered the file manager, which was robust enough that I didn't need an uninstaller. The ability to run apps from the card is priceless on a 650.
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    I also run ZLauncher - my suggestion is to try the leading launchers, there are several and that'll keep you busy for a few days. Ben
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    Another vote here for the usefulness of Launchers. I have had Launcher X's predecessor (Launcher III) loaded on my Palm III, looked so much like Windows 3.1 (back then I actually liked that), and I've used several since then -- most notable Launcher X, Megalauncher, and Initiate. Now I use Launcher X combined w/ Initiate (you have LX be the launcher running, but when you type something then initiate will come on the scene to take you to the app/memo/website/whatever, it's pretty cool).

    Bottom line is it will make you more efficient and organized. If the standard launcher works for you, that's great. But the vast amount of offerrings of launcher will seem to indicate the demand for something different...otherwise the launchers wouldn't do as well as they do...
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    Thanks for the information guys. I have been using Launcher X for a couple days and so far like it. I am already starting to see some of the points that were made regarding efficiency. Thanks for clarifying a few things for me.

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    Try TodayPlus. I think it's one of the best. No problems whatsoever with it.

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