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    Ok I see that a lot of you ....(sorry Im just mad ) some of you got nice deals through retention. I didnt even call retention, because I was too quick to shoot that "buy it now" on ebay. Darn it ..btw good for you guys that got it cheaper.
    I probably had no chance (Im on sero 500 plan + 25% discount +500 text FREE + NW @ 7 Free + $5 OFF) signed up 3 months ago. Im still running on service credit It would take me my whol contract to pay their debt.

    Anyway I just purchased mines(today) for $535 brand new + shipped via overnight from some ebay dude. Gee I never thought I would be purchasing another Treo for that much! I'm a little bit upset now.LOL

    What will happen to your treo 650 Camel?

    -$535 Treo 700 P
    +$300 (Yes I will get $300 for my treo on ebay. It's 9.8/10 (just replaced) with box and everything + 1GB SD)
    $235 for a 700P
    Some accounting humor
    Treo 700p Expense
    Case $25 |
    4GB SD $80 |
    SCRN Prot. $5 |
    Total $110?(the list does not stop there buddy!)

    Treo 700p.................$535
    Got ripped off? on a treo
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    i paid $549 from developers.

    too much? maybe. but this phone is THE BOMB!
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    Hey guys, lurker for a week doing research and STFA, and this is my first post. July 14th is my 22nd month anny on my contract and they'll give me $100 off any new phones, so I was ready to spend about $520 on it. I've already spent $600 on accessories for it so I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'm upgrading from a Moto 710n and this will be my first smartphone.

    I'm very interested to see where the cheapest place/way to buy the phone is obviously as $520 would suck.

    This forum is great and thanks in advance for all your info and help.

    Steve Trac
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    Try this thread. It has more info on deals, phone & plan prices than you can shake a stick at! Thanks to this thread, I got my 700p for $299 w/a better & cheaper plan!
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    $100 bux after nagging sprint for 2 days. $-20 if you count the accounting error they made.
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    i got mine off the developers site for $550, and sold my treo 650 for $350. I was also supposed to get a $150 credit from sprint, but that hasn't happened yet.
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    $399 - Sprint was selling for $450 w/ a two year contract, but they price matched down to Verizon.
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    From retention for $249. Sold my 650 for $265.
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    I'm one of those dinks who got the retentions deal. But I was sincerely having problems with my Treo 600 two months ago (in the heat of the Silly Season) and I threatened to leave. They sent me a free 6700 to try to appease me (long time customer with two lines and oodles of minutes). Didn't like it, sent it back, got hefty account credit of $500. Paid a monthly bill, then bought the Treo 700p. Cost me $129 at the end of it all.
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    I got my Treo 700P for $149 out the door (no rebates or credits) & had to trade in my 650. I also am not under contract nor did I have to renew. I don't spend a lot of money on my bill each month nor is it ever paid on time. I also got to upgrade to powervision but still pay my $10 a month vision price for it. Also got them to add 7pm night & weekends for free. I guess it was my lucky day. If one person won't give you a deal, keep calling back until someone will. I am with Sprint btw...
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    I got mine for $429 and some change with my 2 yr phone credit and rebate.
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    Got 2 for $400 out-the-door on a Sprint retention deal
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    $299.99 after credits that appeared on the first bill. Sold the 650 that I had had for two days (replacement unit for my failing 600) for $255 on eBay (probably not a very good auction). Got a new plan that adds vision on my wife's phone, increases our shared minutes from 500 to 800, changes N&W from 9 PM to 7PM, and reduces my total monthly bill by $25. I figure that after month #2 they will be paying me to use a new phone for more minutes.
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    I plan on spending $100 from sprintvision. We'll see how that works out in a couple of weeks.
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    H/W: I got two for $200 each (after all the credits) and then sold one for 291 on ebay and the other for 303.

    Plan: Don't remember all the details (I posted about it elsewhere), but basically bumped up my old Vision plan (free OTI deal) to Power for minor delta.
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    I got 2 for $799. First one thru retention they give me for $249 period. Then my GF want one and I don't want to be a pig by calling retention again (we share family plan so I wasnt sure if I call in and pull the same Verizon crap again they would know that I recently got a deal on treo). So i bought one for her from ebay $550 shipping included, no tax. Then I e-mail ecare to complain about my previous phone (which is true I have samsung a900 now after sold my 650). Ecare gave me $200 toward my new treo. Basically I got 2 treo for $599 and I sold my 650 and my GF's 650 on ebay for $635 both. So my GF and I upgrade from treo 650 to 700p for net of +$36 : )

    Sprint paid me to upgrade my phone I LOVE SPRINT. plus they fix my plan and give me more stuff for less than I am paying now, when I called for my first treo.
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    Got mine through Retentions (sorry) for $249.00, including a free Samsung A900 Blade for my wife. Then signed up for 1 year Audible subscription per offer in 700p box for $100.00 cash back (well, not really, as it is $14.95 a month X 12 months, but my previous commitment had just ended and I planned on continuing it anyway ). Just ebayed my 650 for $350.00 (with 3 cases, xtra battery, and 64MB SD card). So, I figured I paid:

    - 50 (? A900 worth, or more?)
    - 100 (Audible rebate)
    - 350 (eBay 650)

    = Minus -$250.00 my cost

    Of course, not counting the two new cases I just bought, and plans to buy a new 4GB card and Seidio Extended battery- so I guess I will just about break even!

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    Got mine from Retentions (on the bandwagon) for $349.99 and did the eBay thing with my 650 for $300. Sprint sweetened my plan and dropped some charges so in the end I'll come out way ahead for the upgrade.
    Sprint 650 --> Sprint 700p
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    retention first promised $349 per unit and a couple days later I knoecked them down to $300. I decided to go with the free powervison and text deal whic was a savings of $924 over 24 months ([$15 +$7.50 + $8 +$8] x 24)instead of trying to knock any more off. endeded up getting one through palm on developer program so with $350 credit already applied this one cost $199 (they never asked for a receipt from palm, assumed I paid $650, and the credit just showed up an hour after activation)

    700p $153.5*
    700p $299

    no activation fees, no sales tax, no shipping, free vision (limited tv, unlimited picture and videomail) and free 500 messaging.

    $350 retention was a standard offer mentioned as first number by several retention reps between price announcement and shipping. so it should not be hard to get and not offset other retennion sign up bonuses like free power vison, loyalty discountr,6pm nights etc. $300 was not hard to ask for and get eitheir

    *$199 - "sales tax credit" of $55.5 on a unit on which I paid no sales tax
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    $250, but that includes trading my 650. Plus I got the free 1gig SDcard.

    from the palm store...
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