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    you must have failed accounting because your treo 700p expense would be the full purchase price! jk

    I got one through retentions at 399, then I sold it on ebay for like 550, and used that money to cancel my contract. I think opened up a sero account and got a treo for 399, and then sold my 650 for 260 on ebay. So for me my net cost was about 140 plus ebay fees, which will make up for itself on the sero plan.
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    I got two for a total of $698.
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    $ 650 from Palm with 1GB SD card
    -100 Developer Discount
    - 300 Service Credit from Sprint (Through retenttions but without threats to leave-- Sprint PCS customer since 1997 off contract with 2 lines and $100 / month plan -- signed new 2 year contract)

    -$100 (at least) Savings by giving my 600 to my wife
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    $399 with two agreement from Sprint retention.]
    No shipping.
    My unlimited plan came down $8/mo after monthly credits.
    Good Luck
    iPhone 4S
    Former Treo & Storm Owner
    Cigar Lover
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