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    This is very aggravating. Twice now over the last week I've had to do hard resets on my 700P. There doesn't seem to be anything specific that causes this but I'll be doing something and then all of a sudden the phone starts resetting itself over and over. The only way to get it out of the loop is to do a hard reset and then recover everything from backup. The last time all I was doing was closing Docs to Go. Before that I believe I was closing Chatter. Now I did have LudusP loaded, which I have stopped using. What I have loaded is pTunes Deluxe, Chatter, TCPMP and My Bible. This is very, very aggravating as I'm on vacation in Hawaii right now and it's happened both time when in places where it is not convenient to restore from backup. Has anyone else had this happen. I'm about ready to throw this thing off the top floor of our hotel here where we're staying.

    Thanks for any suggestions. For what it's worth I have called Palm and requested an RMA. My 30 days are up in 3 days. And they have issued my an RMA number, but I'd like to keep my 700p if I was satisfied this looping problem won't continue.
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    I wouldnt recover everything from a backup, but do a fresh install of all your apps. Little by little, start with what you need, then as the days go by add what you want\like to have on it, maybe you can narrow the problem down, or a fresh install will magically fix everything
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    why did you not try a warm reset first? That is pressing up and holding on the 5 way while reseting.
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