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    Just got my Sprint 700p yesterday and I think I created a problem with the software in ROM like Versamail and ptunes.

    I undergraded Palm Desktop on my Mac and then sync'd the 700p with the same account I've been using for my 600. It had the conduit for Backup active and all of the applications I've had (or ever had!)on my 600 got put on the 700p.

    When starting ptunes, I get the "Please Register" window which says that my trial period is over and I need to buy it. This is probably holdover from the old ptunes I tried on the 600 and didn't buy.

    When starting Versamail, I get an "Upgrade?" message which says a previous version of Versamail was found and would I like to upgrade. When I select yes, I get an "Upgrade Progress" messsage which is empty and never has any info in it for 5 mintues, so then I reset the 700.

    I've looking through Google and this forum and haven't found the same problem, probably cause no one else was dumb enough to leave the backup conduit on!

    I'm sure I could buy ptunes, if I needed to, and I could also buy Snapper mail. But beofre going this route, what is the process for setting the builtin software back to the "as shipped" configuration?

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    Doing a hard reset will get you back to the "as shipped" configuration. Just hold the Power key while you press the reset button. When it asks if you want to erase all data, click up on the 5 way and voila! all cleaned up.


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