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    My wife and I are both Verizon users with expired 2 yr contracts. I've been eyeying a Treo since the Treo 600 (Currently have an LG VX-7000) but haven't jumped to one yet, mostly due to the outrageous rates Verizon is charging for data usage...

    Along comes SERO which has me interested...I think coverage in my area is pretty similar and intend to fully test things out in the 14 day trial period...But I have some SERO questions:

    Is the SERO site verifying the email addresses an the number of referrals? I worry that the address I have may have exceeded the number of referrals per yer already...

    Is there a HOUSEHOLD limit of number of SERO plans or could I signup, get my Treo, show the wife, get here interested and then have HER signup too at a later date? Or would I need to order both at once?

    Gonna try to drag her to Verizon or Sprint store today (Whoever seems to have a REAL one on display to play with) and see if she's accepting of the formfactor. I'm a gadget freak and like being connected so the IM/Email/picture transfer features are very appealing to me and just aren't feasable with Verizon's rates.
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    You can sign up for multiple phones when ordering. Just change the quantity once you put the phone in your cart. As far as I know, there is supposed to be a limit of 10 uses on each email address but I have not seen anyone be denied because of that. If you order the 700p off of the SERO website expect some delay because it is on backorder. If you have more questions here is a thread on Slickdeals that covers it extensively:
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    After what myself and a few others went thru with InPhonics during the week of June 13-20th ...... and then what I was able to get directly thru Sprint, just by asking - I don't see a reason to call InPhonics, or even go thru the site.

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