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    I've been trying to update On Demand and it hasn't updted in almost 24 hours. Just wondering if others are having this problem, or if it's just me, or perhaps something regional/local? I'm in the Washington DC area...
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    same problem here last update was on the 24th
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    Works here in the SF Bay Area...
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    No luck updating either. Last update was yesterday. It appears the device is querying for an update but the service has no updates to issue.
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    give it some time and try it again. I have no trouble updating. then again, this is the eastern seaboard.
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    I was having the same problem, with it not rupating, so i thought i would try it while reading this thread ( I am on laptop, not treo).
    When i signed on, it immediately told me that I needed an upgrade. it d/l the upgrade and installed it ( all automatic) and loaand behold it updated the files after that.
    go for it

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