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    I never noticed this before, but in Datebook+, if you tap the date "tab" at the top of the screen, it changes to the current time for about 2 seconds.

    Did other people know this?
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    OK, I noticed it the first day of playing with my Visor. I just assumed it was a feature, and not a hidden one. I was at first annoyed that it would only "flash" the time before opening the menus. With a little experimenting I discovered you can tap and HOLD your stylus near (but ON) the right edge of the date, and the time will appear as long as you keep holding the stylus down. If you do it right,(drag your stylus OFF the time before releasing) the menus will not pop up when you pull the stylus off.

    I've found it very useful. DateBook+ is my #1 used application. Not having both the date AND time on the screen would have been a sin. It's there. You just have to "tap and hold, then slide off".

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    Actually the standard Datebook does this also.

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