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    I had to get a new 650 and now my HBH-662 headset has alot of static. I didn't have this problem with my old 650. I have tried to re-sync a couple of times and still have major static. I can't even have my phone on my waist without the static. Trying to determine if it's the phone since I didn't have the issue before. Let me know if there is something else I can try
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    I have the same issues. Used a Plantronics BT headset and couldn't move the phone more than 2 feet away from my ear! I returned it.

    I'm now trying a Motorola HS850 and it's only marginally better. The guy at the store who sold me this headset used it with his Treo 650 and loved it, so I'm starting to wonder if my (our) phone(s) may be a dud.

    I'll try it for a few more days and report back.
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    I think it may be the phones, because it didn't happen with my old phone..

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