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    I just bought a Jabra BT500 Bluetooth headset for my Treo 650. Everything's fine, except one thing: the range is miserable. If I walk more than 4 feet away from the phone, it starts breaking up. Even when I wear the phone in my pocket, the signal on the headset is breaking up.
    The only time when the connection works fine is when the phone and the headset are within a couple feet of each other and with clear line of sight.

    I don't think this is normal. Anyone had the same issue? Any suggestions?
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    My issues were the same, if not worse. I returned the headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by florin
    If I walk more than 4 feet away from the phone, it starts breaking up.
    You got that far? The only thing I ended up doing with that headset is returning!!
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    I have been using the headset for about 4 months and it has been fine. I get about 10-12 feet which is about what I get with any of the bluetooth headsets I've bought for the Treo.
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    OK, so apparently the BT500 is not that compatible with the Treo 650. I may have to replace it with something else.

    Anyone using the Jabra BT250V? How's that one in terms of compatibility with the Treo?
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    I guess experiences are varied with this combination. I've been using a BT500 with my 650 (GSM running ENA-1.20,1.71) for months now without issues, including being able to roam more than 10 feet while on a conversation. I do know that BT improvements have been made over time in later firmware. That said, I do hear occasional crackles in the BT stream, but that's no different than with other BT headsets I've used with the 650. The only solution I've used so far that doesn't experience that is the BT module of my SLK350 ... but then there's no chance I'd be able to interfere the connection between them physically since they are always within about 1.5 feet inside the car.

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