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    I was getting ready to order one of these GlobalSat SD card GPS receivers until I noticed it was for Windows only. Does anyone know if they're working on Palm drivers for this device?
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    The GlobalSat 338 or Holux 236 Bluetooth work terrific. I've not heard of an SD device that works.. Plus would you really want to give up your SD card to use the GPS? Popping stuff and out of the slot is probably not the best idea.
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    Well, the GlobalSat has builtin memory so taking the memory card slot is not a problem. I have a bluetooth GPS, but it doesn't work too well in my pocket. Maybe I need a newer one.
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    Ah, that's not too bad then, but still wouldn't work for me, as I have all my important programs on the SD card moved via ZLauncher. But at least you could put your GPS programs and data on the SD GPS memory.

    My Holux 236 works great in my pocket. For GeoCaching I keep it in my pocket until I get close to the cache, then I pull it out for better accuracy. But in my pocket is good enough for general navigation, even inside my house, car, etc. The new SiRF III chipsets are amazing.

    Heavy foliage still throw 'em off though, go figure.. It doesn't lose the signal, but it starts getting inaccurate. Normally it's saying 8-10 feet accuracy, it'll bounce up to 18-20 if I'm in a dense forested type area.

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