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    I was really looking forward to being able to check my yahoo mail on the go. Now I find out that I have to buy Yahoo Mail Plus in order to check email - darn it!

    I was able to login to yahoo mail using blazer. I can see all my folders and read the emails there however when I click the inbox it resets to the login page.

    is this some way of yahoo forcing people to upgrade or is there a setting issue? anyone know if I can login to check my mail without having to upgrade?

    I have multiple yahoo accounts and upgrading would be expensive.
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    hey greatdeals, welcome to TC. sorry to tell you to use pop3 in yahoo you'll have to upgrade.

    that was one of the reason I move to

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    I was able to setup a filter to send all new msgs to a folder. when I login to yahoo mail I just go to that folder vs the inbox to view my messages.

    it works!

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