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    just installed this app OTA and love it! It should hopefully save the battery somewhat. Thanks!
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    I use BrightCam on my 700, and depending on your configuration you can set the dimm settings to shut off durring a phone call.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    FYI, AutiDimmer subscibes to hede and having multiple hede programs can slow your system considerably.
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    autodimmer doesnt work good anyway for when u are on the call, the screen goes off and on constantly, test it out u will see...i think it is more annoying than screen staying on

    i use sandman and ludusp
    assigned the phone key via ludusp to sandman which shuts off your screen during a call

    cant shut off the screen when using wired headset or bluetooth or speaker phone, for some reason it turns into one way communication

    only works good when u are talking on the phone, head to earpiece

    so at this point i havent found a free program that works bug free to shut off the screen
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