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    get hotmail from my treo? I have upgraded from teh treo 600 to the 700p and love the speeds of internet surfing. i can not however get the following site: to do anything other than open teh email. i can not forward or reply to any email. i have even tried to log onto with little success. this i know has had several discussions when the 600 and 650 came out. on my wifes 650, i can log onto hotmail no problem.

    can someone please guide me in the right direction?


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    heve you tried ?
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    I have as my homepage it has all the portals to yahoo,hotmail, mapquest, but if you want to go directly to your hotmail account the url for it is
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    I have several gmail accounts and a hotmail account all automagically collected in one place -- access via IMAP using SnapperMail. I rarely use FastMail's website. For $40/yr, you get 2 GB of space and SpamAssassin filtering. Add a godaddy domain for e-mail only (pointing the domain directly to FastMail's name servers) and you've got awesome functionality, instant mail delivery, and portability (paying $8/yr for a domain means that you can point your e-mail anywhere you like rather than being tied to hotmail, fastmail, yahoo, etc.).

    On my 700p, I run Snapper with just two IMAP accounts: one for work and one for my FastMail account (everything else).
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