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    What is the difference between main memory and SD memory? What is the size of main memory and can it be upgraded?

    Where does all the softwares get installed to? How many softwares can one have in main memory?

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    I'll take a stab at helping you on this one.
    If you go to your main apps screen, hit Menu and Info you can see how much memory you have used and how much free space you have available. I have 22.4 MB available in my 650. In my experience you want to leave at least 1 MB free on the handheld so that your programs can run smoothly. Some folks do ROM updates to get some more memory free but that's beyond my ability so I won't attempt that on mine.
    You can go all the way to 2 GB SD cards on the 650 but do some reading on this site to get specifics on what will work best for you.
    When you use the Palm installer you can choose where you want to put the new program. Most (but not all) programs will run from the card just fine.
    The amount of programs you can have is only limited by memory size; however, be careful of what you put on your Treo. You can cause some serious compatibility issues if you are not careful.
    Here are some great freeware programs that you should try:
    And be sure to check the compatibility list for new programs:
    Hopefully this will help you. Be sure to spend some time studying Treo Central and you'll learn lots.
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