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    I've had this problem for a while and I don't get why it's happening.

    I'm using the latest version of iSync and palm desktop for mac. Whenever I sync, changes from my treo don't go to my desktop. In fact, it's as if my sync is stuck permanently in a mode where changes from my computer overwrite my treo. I'll add a new contact on my treo, and it gets erased at the next sync. I change a contact, the contact changes back at the next sync. It happens for both contacts and calendar options. I've checked all my options in isync, though I don't have "force slow sync" turned on.

    iSync disabled the appropriate conduits, and I further disabled a bunch of conduits that all say notepad/memo pad etc which were all duplicated of the memos conduits but nothing else. I have the install conduit temporarily disabled because palm desktop likes to periodically reinstall all my applications and I'd rather not go through that every other sync.

    Other than that I have no hacks or done any tinkering with any of the software.

    OS 10.4.6, iSync 2.2, Palm desktop 4.2.1.
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    ^ You may want to check your iSync Palm conduit settings in the HotSync manager or iSync and verify that it is set to "Synchronize". It sounds like it might be set to "Desktop overwrites Handheld".

    Hope this helps!

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