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    I have an Unlocked GSM phone and have the 1.20 firmware with a custom rom. If I wanted to restore the original rom, could I just reinstall the firmware update from palm's site?
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    huh? nobody knows?
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    I would use the ROMtool to set it back.
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    yeah, you can't just reinstall an older update... I know there's a way to do it, but I can't find the post... I'll post if I find.
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    Without the Romtool, can't you just install the Beta 1.21 or 1.23 version, and then whatever you want from there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercoffee1
    Without the Romtool, can't you just install the Beta 1.21 or 1.23 version, and then whatever you want from there?
    But if you want a CNG, I think you have to step up to current by first doing 1.15 after 1.23.
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    How would I do it for a Sprint Treo 650? I had a warranty thing done, and they ordered a new Treo for me (hopefully not a refurb) and I want to make sure my ROM was original. I think I found my original folder, but, I want to make sure it's the one from Palm that I install.

    Can I just do the install again, or do I need to use the actual original one, that I took out using the RomTool?
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    Nevermind, I found my original ROM and put that back.

    Actually, I don't really see a benefit of customizing a ROM. It would be nice to put BackupBuddyVFS in there, that way you don't have to have it installed on the card, and the card screen won't pop up when going through the menus.

    Maybe because I'm scared to do anything too radical, so I'm not enjoying it.

    At least my 650 has actual 3rd party apps on them. I know 3 people with 650s, and all they have is a few contacts. No calendar entries, nothing.
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    My biggest benefit for a custom ROM is getting rid of the OEM titles that I don't want: Quick Tour, Welcome, Tutorial, RealPlayer and Downloads. Threw FAT32 in there on a whim, although I don't have a 4 GB SD Card.
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