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    has anyone managed to install the entire 700p rom on a 650? aside from memory won't that essentially make the 650 a 700 (a 657!)? I wouldn't mind the upgraded apps, especially the Media program.
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    The only apps that I tried and seem to work fine on my Sprint Treo 650 (using rom tool):

    pTunes and the ptunes treo skin (i only use the skin)
    Solitaire game
    Calculator 1.0.1
    Card Info n/a

    What I tried that doesn't work:

    You can get updated versions from the Blackberry Connect software (delete the blackberry files before sync) are the following:

    VersaMail 3.5
    Contacts 1.3
    Calendar 1.3
    ToDo 1.3.?
    Memos 1.3.1
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    Treo 700p can sync contacts database with Exchange Active Sync. Is BBC update can do that?
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    Treo 700p can sync contacts database with Exchange Active Sync. Is BBC update can do that?
    Not sure, but try it downloading the Blackberry Connect software and install it. In order for bbc to work on the treo, they had to include many of the updated programs like contacts and calendar, so simply remove the bbc's prc files (from program files / palmone / <your sync name> / install ) before you sync and you now have updated apps without bbc program.

    I used the rom tool to remove all the old program prc files with the updated ones.
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    where can you get blackberry connect ?
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    See albertb's post (5th one from the top)
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    Thanks! Now, the second question, has anybody seen any noticable improvement in the new version of the apps ?
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    Can someone upload the updated calculator off the 700P please? The solitare game would also be nice also(so would Ptunes).
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    You can get the entire 700p Rom dump from:

    Post #112

    Use the RomTool to remove the old files and replace with the new ones..for instance, for the calculator:
    ScientificCalc.prc and,

    The 700p rom dump also has the fat32.prc file, updated memos apps..and others..

    btw, i haven't noticed any differences in the newer version.

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