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    Well I bought 190 of these broken.... yes 190....

    I have some that are stuck in network search mode and will not pick up a signal. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please email me at

    Aslo if anyone is looking for any parts please email me I have both sprint and verizon 650s.

    Aslo if anyone already knows how to do an audio jack fix I have around 40 right now that need it done and I dont have time.

    I also have around 500 treo 600 with broken screens if anyone needs parts for a 600.
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    I think the best way to go around them is to segregate each usable part and then post on one of the sites (performance PDA can buy these parts if you are amenable to their prices) This way you will end up selling all the parts.
    I am wondering how did you manage to get 190 + 500 treo phones..... buying 3 treo phones till now has made me poorer..... ;-)
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    Welcome to treocentral pdasurplus!

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