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    I used to use BigClock on my Treo 600, but it never worked too well. I'm looking for something that works well on the 700p, has a timer and stopwatch function and isn't too expensive. Free would be nice.

    Any suggestions?
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    I suppose you probably want a single program to do it all, but I use a combination of programs to get the functionality I want:

    ClockPop5 for a popup Clock
    PocketDoan for Countdown Timing
    TikTok for Stopwatch Timing

    They're all small, free programs that do their job well, just not necessarily with a lot of eye candy.
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    I used BigClock w/my Treo 300. Moved to MegaClock on T600 a am using it on the T700p.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Another vote for Palmary Clock.

    Great app, great support.
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    MobileClock (Bob's Alarm) is THE way to go....
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    WatchMaker is pretty good and FREE, but there is not stopwatch.
    - Jeeman
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    MobileClock (Bob's Alarm) is THE way to go....
    MobileClock has everything that nzwarner is asking for and I second Mahootzki's recommendation.

    Here's a link:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeeMan
    WatchMaker is pretty good and FREE, but there is not stopwatch.
    Also agree with WatchMaker, which is free and customizable.
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    Here's another vote for MobileClock (formerly Bob's alarm). It's not free, although there is a free trial. I've been using it for years. It is actively supported, has a growing feature list and an active support community (used to be on Yahoo groups, but may have moved). To me it's worth a few bucks to get something that is intelligently designed and just works right.
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    megaclock for sure... it has so many features, alarms, etc...

    i was a big clock user on my 600 - switched to mega for the 650 - and honestly it's just a much better app.
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    I use this:
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    If you are into racing or want a real full feature stop watch with desktop split / lap time logging there is only one choice.
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    Thing is PC takes up a LOT of ram...

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    Diddlebug is free and very good with alarms, a Palm OS classic (158k).
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    I love Bigclock also but it has not been update since 2001-10-25. does it work in 700P? I'll test out this weekend if I have time. I think this is why some ppl are moving on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ido
    I use this:
    I think Stopwatch2 is one of the best free stopwatch apps. It has count up & count down, stops the treo from turning off, and is simple to use.
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    Ditto on mobileClock
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    Palmary has a great stopwatch function as well, with multi-timers
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