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    My 600 died yesterday... I think. It was on in the pocket of my North Face waterproof jacket. The weather was really damp. High humidity and drizzle. I pulled the phone from my pocket, and it was acting like all the buttons were being pressed randomly. The phone was completely water got on it at all. So... I turned it off and restarted it.

    For a while, it made the charging sound when I was charging it, but then would quickly return to the "your treo is almost out of juice... shutting down in 29, 28... seconds" This happened no matter how long I left it on the charger.

    Then I reset it... now all I get is a blank white screen which drains whatever charge I have since it won't shut off.

    The Treo functioned perfectly up until this time, and I coddled it like a baby. ha ha

    I read about the ones dropped in water, and tried everything but opening it up... I live on a boat and I don't have the screw driver handy to open it... long story.

    Any tips on what could be wrong, or what I can do, short of spending ANOTHER $500 on an unlocked Treo?? I need to run it on Tmobile.

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    Sounds a lot like water got inside it somehow (shorting button contacts, shorting charge circuit and/or battery). Let it dry for a couple of days and see if it will charge.
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