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    I just ordered this from proporta. They were such a pain... I am never buying from them again. It took way longer than it should of to get my VKB.

    Now that I have it, finally, I can't get it to work!

    I've installed the VKB software for the Treo 650. When it attempts to connect, the keyboard beeps, and a few seconds later, it returns the error "serial:timeout could be bad cable or faulty modem". Shortly after that I get a loud DING DONG.

    This software also doesn't work on my Zodiac, but it's not a supported device anyway.

    And in the PC program, it always says "The selected port, COM[any port] is not available and may be in use by another program. Please terminate the other program or select a different port" Whatever port I choose, always the same message! There aren't ANY bluetooth apps that might be using the port running!

    So what the heck is happening?
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    So that was you! I heard someone bought one of those!
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    Nope, that wasnt me... I dont think :P

    So nobody has bought any?
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    Hey, you need to let us know how you came about getting yours going, sounds like a good gadget once you get all the bugs out! I'll be checking on this post!

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