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    It seems like, even though I have expanded the size of the area that Blazer can store cookies in, it won't keep information like websites that I log into, so I don't have to log in to them every time I go there. I know the feature works on regular computers, because I'm always logged in for some of the sites I use. But Blazer won't do it, even when I check the "remember me" or similar box on the site when I sign in.

    Any suggestions? Is this a common problem?
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    From page view, tap the globe to go to "go to web page" screen. The history button probably has what you are looking for.
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    Eh - nope. I have it set to accept cookies, and most of the time, it seems to be doing so. What it doesn't seem to do is accept cookies identifying me. Anyone else have this problem? Like when I go to this forum, it doesn't remember who I am.
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    The history should remember your web pages however the cookies seems to be a problem I do not have. All the web sites remember me. My preferences on the general page are set to: check Auto complete, no checks next to disable cookies and disable javascript. My advanced settings show how much cookies and cache are being used. I also have it clearing the cache on exit. I believe that is what slows down the TREO when leaving web pages for other applications.
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    i've developed this same problem. there are sites i used to visit all the time and now i have to re-renter my username and password.

    cookies are, of course, enabled and i've purged and reset and upgraded software. i've tried everything.

    any clues?

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