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    The first major problems that I have encountered with my Treo 650 are finally here. Over the past two days, my treo just randomly, repeatedly Hotsyncs even though I have done nothing. Once the problem occurs, I am unable to turn my screen back on unless I re-insert my SD flash card, soft reset, or plug my charger into it.

    Has anyone experience these problems before? Does it sound like a hardware problem or a software problem? Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    no solution from me, sorry! but i am experiencing the same thing.

    it started doing it on it's own, not right after a hotsync or anything. in fact, it had been days since i did my last sync.

    very annoying - about ready to exercise my insurance policy!!
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    Do you have any programs that backup based on a schedule? Could you provide a list of applications currently on your phone?

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    hi! thx for the reply.

    autobackup programs: not to my knowledge...

    i don't really install/uninstall a lot of applications. in my case, it had been days since my last hot sync and weeks since my last application installed.

    i'm running:

    other apps besides default:
    noviiremote (newest ap - installed about 4 weeks ago)
    PB v2 Demo
    Stopwatch (hrm.. .ok, THIS is the newest ap, heh! 3 weeks ago)
    World Clock
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    I'm not too familiar with Butler, but doesn't it allow you to schedule HotSyncs?

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    hrm... good thought! but i don't see any options for it, and don't see any mention of it on their website.
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    My Treo 650 almost always tries to hotsync after wake up

    ROM - 1.17 (Cingular)

    Extra Apps - Goodlink

    any app (besides Blazer)- tries to hotsync every time it wakes up

    Blazer - every 3rd time it wakes up

    it then gives me a "hotsync Problem" connection could not be established, etc.

    I updated the ROM from 1.15 to 1.17, no dice.

    I did a hard reset before and after the ROM upgrade, no dice.

    I have not reinstalled goodlink yet, as I think I might have to do another hard reset or send it in for a replacement, any ideas?


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    I am having the same issues.

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