One of the recent articles reviewed a couple of new headsets that are designed to work in a noisy environment. The two are priced at $100 & $150. I think I've found an equally good solution at a fraction of the price. I went to REI and purchased their Firefox Throat Mic kit for $30. It includes and earphone and a band that you place around your neck so the transducer is close to your vocal cords.

The band is comfortable enough and it can be worn low enough to be hidden by a shirt or jacket collar. Plus, it gives you that cool "secret mission" feeling. The one thing I didn't like is that the earpiece is attached to the neck band -- You have to put on the band so the microphone is on the same side of your head as the earpiece.

It works pretty well, there is no ambient noise at all. Plus, you can speak at very low volumes and still be heard.

I'm not associated with Firefox in any way, I just thought it was a cool product that isn't typically associated with cellphone use.