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    I've been lurking for about 2 months and i love this site. Just got my treo 700p friday and loving it. I was wondering why causerie doesn't have an alert sound when you receive a message with the treo in standby, my screen just lights up and that doesn't help with my treo in my pocket. Before anyone jumps on me i swear this has been posted before i just can't find it so please forgive me....
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    No worries

    It does have an alert sound that you can set, but in some cases it gets cut off when the sound is played (especially if Causere is active but the screen is off, when Causerie is working in the background it works a little better in regards to hearing the sound). Check your preferences in two places:

    Menu -> Alert -> Select a sound when a new message is received
    Menu -> Sound Prefs -> Check both boxes (at least that's what I do on mine)

    Also check out the thread over at Mantragroup if you haven't already:
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