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    I have been using Goodlink with a hosted Exchange account from Mailstreet for about two weeks now on my Treo 650. Everything works as expected except for the reply/forward with a signature. Under email options the box is checked for Append signature but it only seems to work on new messages not replies. Mailstreet has informed me that Good has received requests for this but has no ETA on when it might be available. According to the manual and everything I have read it should be active but doesn't work. Any ideas?
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    You could go to Preferences > AutoText and then add an autotext entry for "sig" - or anything else that's easy to type quickly - and have it map to a signature for yourself. I know it's not automatic, but it's a workaround.
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    Thanks. That's what I have been doing. I was just wondering if it was sometihng that had to be turned on at the server or if it was part of the client side of it. Strange since it's listed as being new and in 4.8

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