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    Many of you have had a crash when copying a search result into Contacts on Treo 650/700, either right when you try to copy or later trying to edit the entry.

    Personally, I've never had this happen either on my device or on the Sims, but I'm again trying to figure this out. Any help you can give is appreciated.

    On the theory that maybe there's something in the data itself causing trouble, can anyone post (or PM me) some exact search parameters that produce a result entry that causes this problem to occur?

    Also, those having the problem. Are you just using the stock Contacts app or do you also use another app that may access the Contacts database?

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    OK, thanks.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 700p and have the following apps that I believe access the DB:

    My Treo resets whenever I tried to add an address searched as a new entry on my contacts.

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    What I really need is the exact search criteria you used and which of the results you used. I need to try to eliminate anything in the data.
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    I have a Sprint/T700 and the same thing happened to me when attempting to copy a result to the default contacts. CRASH......

    After the first CRASH, the 700 would CRASH before the result window would show.

    I have deleted the 3.23 released version.

    It seems there is a bug in the released version. I don't recall having any problem with the 3.23 beta. I will reinstall the beta and check this out.

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    I have had this happen to me a few times with version 3.22. I cant remember what searches they were exactly, but will try and remember the next time it happens. The other issue I have run into is that while copying search results into the address book I only have a couple of my categories to pick from.
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    Anyone having this problem (Adding contacts makes bad entries, etc) when adding a contact with missing addres, please try this:

    All it does now differently is to properly place the fields when there is no address. I'm not terribly confident that this was the cause of the crashes, but let's just see.

    You do NOT have to uninstall old (recent, after 3.10) versions to install this.
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    Another beta version. This time I've changed things to use exchange manager to add instead of opening the contacts DB. This one should wrork fine.

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