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    I like using my Treo for organizing my life so I wanted a simple program that would allow me to make To-do lists, shopping lists, vacation packing lists, etc. I wanted something that did not require me to study the manual and that would allow me to view and edit the same lists on my desktop or my handheld.

    I tried Handy Shopper (excellent, free, easy to use, very poor desktop sync) and Bonzai (complicated, not meant for shopping lists). I looked at Progect (complicated) and others.

    I have settled on List Pro. Since I do not care what it costs ($30 after free trial) I chose this because it automatically syncs with my desktop, allows all types of lists, columns and data are fully customizable, and I learned how to use it in 5 minutes. You can get list pro at list Pro from ilium software. I won't buy it for 29 more days, so if anyone is aware of something better, please let me know.
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    I use Bonsai (not for shopping), but would have recommended ListPro for your purposes. I think it's a good choice.
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    "HandyShopper" is freeware and has some interesting features.
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    I use splash shopper. Wiped out all the lists it came with and just added stuff as I bought it. Now I have a complete list of only products I buy. Also made a list for vacation. Made a list of everything I ever to took on vacation on the "all" page including things like cash, coins, phone, passport ,sneakers, etc etc. Next time you go on vacation you go to the "all" list and go down the list and check everything you need to pack. After that you go to the "Need" page and click on each item as you pack it. The items then disapear from the need list. Anytime a new item pops into my head before or after vacation I add it to the all list. It has never let me down. I can go through the list in 2 minutes and make an instant decision. I can pack in less than an hour and not miss a thing. Works great. I have all the lists you asked for. Shopping, to-do and vacation. Splash money and Spalsh ID are great also and no, I have no reason to be hawking that software other than my positve experience. With Splash money I have my entire finances on the palm to the penny and with splash id I have all my internet and work passwords, birthdays etc. there
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    I downloaded and tried Handy Shopper, Splash Shopper and List Pro. Like dheymann, I just wanted/needed a simple "checklist" type app and decided List Pro was the answer. Very happy.
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    Checklist is also a great program. I use it to hold my shopping list. Initially each time I went grocery store I recorded those items I purchased. There is a toggle feature that you check so that an item won't show and then uncheck if you need it.

    The list can be applied to all kinds of things. It can be found at Handango. You may want to give it a try.
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    ShopList is simple and easy to use for grocery shopping:
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    Have you tried Splash Travel? I use it for alarms, travel list and many other features and have had no problems with it at all. also has a handy calc in it that splits bills along with much more

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