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    I just installed the 700p software and I thought everything went well but after I hotsynced and everything a bunch of my old apps where on my phone. I thought I checked the transfer only contacts calender Etc... but I quess I didnt. Now I cant get on the web oor check email??? Should I do a hard reset and start over??? I dont care about losing anything but my contacts!! Any sugestions???
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    Sorry Ive gone from the 650 to the 700!!
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    No one???
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    Hard reset for sure. Then, do a search on the best way to upgrade from a 650. Almost everyone recommends renaming your existing backup folder first. Again, do a search; there are plenty of posts out there.
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    At the very least, you could do your hard reset and then copy the contacts information from one (650) Treo profile to the other (700p). You may need to use excel or something as a medium, though, y'know?

    By the way, it's a good idea to give your thread a more descriptive title which tells people what it's about. Since this is the Treo 700p forum, having a title that says "700p help" doesn't say much.

    Just a suggestion. Good luck.
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    hard reset, rename your backup. your contacts and pim information should remain. Then re-install your software again.
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    Hello worddog,
    Follow the instructions on Perry Holden's very clear post here. The procedure is the same for the 700p as for the 650.

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