On Friday I discovered my MobiTV was locked on MSNBC. I couldn't pull up the guide or lower the volume. The only solution was a soft reset.
I popped off an email to their support on Friday night. Saturday afternoon I got a call (yes a call!!!) from someone in Tech support. We walked through a few issues and nothing seemed to resolve the problem. Before he ended the call he asked about any other programs I'd added since the last time it worked. I couldn't think of any and we ended the call. He was going to escalate it and have someone call me on Monday.

It later occured to me I had installed Fonts40S5, but I was finding hard to believe that was causing the issue. But, just to be sure I disabled it. That was it! Even when I chose the default font just for MobiTV, it still locked up. So, I need to disable it before I use the MobiTV. I don't use it much, so not a big deal.

Then this AM...bright and early I get a call from the escalation group.
Now it was already resolved, but I was pretty impressed with the support.