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    Can anyone tell me the best way to be able to check my Lotus Notes email from work? I don't have a need for push email right now and am fine with manually getting it via Versamail. I'd like to use Versamail if possible since I use it for my POP and IMAP accounts. Thanks!
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    My company uses OneBridge Xtend Connect. They have their own mail software included with the connection software.
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    I use an agent in Notes that automatically forwards new email to my personal gmail account, which I then retrieve with Versamail.
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    But most companies disable that function in their templates for confidentiality reasons.
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    I once used Lotus Notes for about 2 years and, during that time, I sync'ed with mNotes on my Palm OS devices. I found mNotes to be an outstanding product for interfacing with Lotus Notes.

    Go to:
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    Because my company has some much encryption set up, no 3rd party solution has worked for me...the only work around I found was to create a rule to forward all messages to a personal email account(imap or pop3) can blind copy yourself on replies from this account so they show up in your Lotus inbox. It's a pain but it is all I could come up with.
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    You would think there would be more solutions given IBM still claims there are more domino servers out there than Exchange servers
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    One would think...

    PS, if your company has Lotus WebMail set up, you might be able to connect through your cell phone carrier's email system, i.e. with T-Mobile, they have Corporate MyEmail which claims to accept the WebMail settings...realizing of course there is no GSM 700P, yet, not sure what Sprint/Verizon have. My company doesn't even have that enabled so I can't test it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haeffb
    I use an agent in Notes that automatically forwards new email to my personal gmail account, which I then retrieve with Versamail.
    I would love to see the code behind your agent. I am guessing it leaves a copy in your notes mail?
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    so you can't connect to domino servers through pop / imap with versamail?
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    well you can pop for sure. but we don't allow that were i work. shhhhhh i am the evil IT guy that is trying to get arround the system. don't tell anyone. i am not the notes admin but I am the firewall security guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muncheroo
    so you can't connect to domino servers through pop / imap with versamail?
    Domino supports POP and IMAP but the services can be turned off to prevent the access. The best software I have seen is Good followed by mSuite CommonTime.
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    You must have Verizon. Sprint Business Connection works great with lotus notes as far as receiving, but forwarding never seems to work, although it used to. Been using it for 3 years since my T600. Can even navigate through one of my network directories with it. It's cool!
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    Here's what I do guys -- I used outlook 2003.

    Microsoft has a connector plug-in that's free.

    Install it, and it finds your file and your lotus notes configuration files and let's you do address lookups, respond to appointment requests, etc.

    What I do is set up a rule in outlook to forward all the email that comes into my work inbox set up by this connector to my fastmail account, to a folder named Work Email. Fastmail then pushes all new email to my phone via Chatter and BOOM -- work email on my phone. Only problem is, you have to have MS outlook open ALL THE TIME for this to work.

    But if that's not a problem, you still get the ability to use Microsoft Outlook instead of Lotus Notes!

    Here's another option, that's better if it's allowed -- Martin Scott makes a mail agent called Wireless Email at -- this thing rules! It sets itself up as an agent _on the server_ so it's always on! I had it redirect (not forward) all of my work email to my Fastmail Work Email inbox that I had above, but 6 months later, my company decided all mail agents were no longer allowed. And I was out the $60 that I spent at Stellar product tho, I definitely recommend it.

    That mNotes app is mainly syncing your email to your phone, unless I missed something, and that's really not what I wanted.

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