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    Am I correct to understand that either of these two programs allow one to connect the 700p to a mac portable via USB to surf without Sprint's Phone-As-Modem plan (I thought was required for the 700)? The PAM plan is $40 on sprint if you already have power vision. For the 650, DUN is not charged for since presumably you are connecting at standard non EVDO speeds.

    I tried DUN with the treo 650 a few times...a bear to set up and a bit slow but nice in a pinch when you can set it up without too much back and forth between the devices.

    What are the pros and cons of these can see USB Modem at and PDAnet at

    Folks who have you have PAM service or are you able to conenct without PAM or the Verizon equivalent (data plan and tethering, I believe)?
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    i have been unable (although i am a noobie on a mac) to get usbmodem to work w/my t600 and new macbook
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    PDAnet doesn't work on Macs
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    I am using USB Modem with a Palm 700p and a Mac Powerbook with OX 10.4.6

    It works great. I am using the trial version so far, but it appears very stable and much more reliable than the standard bluetooth connection. The other benefit to using it teathered is that my cable recharges the phone while using it, so it uses the PC power rather than the battery. Also, my last speed test gave me a download speed of 761 and upload of 22. Fast enough for what I need and much better than dialup or even my 650.

    I am not sure if USB Modem works on the 600, I know it is advertised to work with the 650 and 700p.

    There is a thread on this over at the Spring Users group website, do a google on sprint users and it should be the first listing that comes up.
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    qtreo 650, are you being charged for tethering using USBModem?
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    I have a 700p now with the Sprint Power Vision wtih the unlimited "Phone as Modem" plan. So I should not be charged beyond the monthly fee ($40 before discounts) for usage. I understand that if you do not have the added PAM plan, then you do get charged for kilobyte usage. Read the story on one of the boards of someone that racked up a $4000 bill doing that.

    I wouldn't skimp, its in your contract that they will charge you if you don't have a plan.

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