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    just installed TT 5 on my t700p and it went well the first few times and now when I launch TT it resets the phone and then works. I think it has somthing to do with the BT because if I dont turn on BT first It wont reset till I turn it on this s#### . One more thing I have to turn on BT first or it wont pick up the gps. WTF. Thanks for your help.
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    no it was new I will try that. thank you
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    I installed the up date now its locking up I have three maps on the sd card. do you think I need to remove it and just reinstall every thing. And the update didnt help the restart when I launch the nav and bt. I guess I am the only one having these issues.
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    btw, did you install the TT app onto the card or device?

    I think the resets are coming from the prompt that one gets when in TTN w/BT off.
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    I wiped it all and reinstalled it to the SD if I should put it on the device let me know as for now it is working fine, but thats how it did the first time I did the install. Thank you for your reply you guys are great!!!. I did find something that is funny about the TT5 maps for the 700p if I start out in TN and plan to go to MS how can I plan that and I must use two diff maps for this trip and one cant plan this or am I worng.

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