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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Tone
    I like On Demand, but won't pay $5 a month for it. Especially when I can get the same information for free elsewhere. I usually only use it when on the toilet.
    LOL! I use my 700 MOSTLY ON THE TOILET!!
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    Once a channel is on the card, is there a menu setting to move it back to RAM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joad
    The 700p's memory might seem like a huge improvement over what the T650 was stuck with, but it won't take too many developers getting lazy and releasing good but bloated ware requiring "only" 5MB of RAM to add up and make the 700p obsolete, too. You don't miss your RAM until it's gone.
    Ain't that the truth. While it's an interesting program, it sets a very bad example by eating up five meg of internal RAM when you let it install and configure itself. Most PalmOS programs are far smaller. While the 700p has more than double the internal memory (than the 650) to play with, if developers start getting lazy like Windoze coders do and start spewing out a lot of multi-megabyte bloatware titles, there's going to be a lot of sorrowful weeping. My 700p is down to 51 meg free internal now from the 61 it started with out of the box and I'm not even close to migrating all the stuff I have on my 650 over to it.

    I llike the way it encapsulates and gives you the essensse of a news story after an update, and doesn't force a dowload of an entire story unless you hit the [full] button. I'd like it better if it could do text to speech so you could just kick back and have it speak articles to you, but that'd take a huge amount of storage to accomplish.

    A demo of Handmark Express (weather only, I think).. came on a CD with my 650 and I never bothered to install it. Since On Demand is pre-loaded on the 700p I let it install and configure itself and look at different bits of it every day. Yeah, it makes for something more interesting to stare at than the wall while you're sitting on the can, but I doubt I'd pay extra for any of the stuff on the "extras" page of buttons, though.

    By the way, you can scroll through stories by just dragging your fingertip or stylus up and down the screen, in case you didn't know that. You don't have to use the five-way pad to scroll through stories. But it could use automatic scrolling with variable speeds too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justdoit2
    hi KStewart, how did you remove it? UninstallManager?
    I see it cache stuff but not sure where to begin.
    Yes, I used Uninstall Manager to delete it. Also, go into info and delete any extension data being on demand dictionary, on demand TV, etc, because if you don't you won't get back the memory you thought you lost. I was mad after deletion to see I only save 300 or so Kb's, but after I manually deleted the other stuff...I got back all my space I lost. Its been running fine everysince. Do a soft reset thru Uninstall Manager or the regular way after words. Its not worth $4.95 a month, and not enough is free if you don't pay it along with taking up too much space...wish i WOULD HAVE NEVER INSTALLED IT.
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    I like AvantGo which has been around since way way back (I'm talking Palm III days). I have added it to my treo and I think I'll use it instead of OnDemand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    I like AvantGo which has been around since way way back (I'm talking Palm III days). I have added it to my treo and I think I'll use it instead of OnDemand.
    Old school baby...I like that.
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    I just deleted my copy of OD. Amazingly I have more free memory than the 650 has in total, and I have more installed software than I could have ever dreamed of on the 650! Woohoo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart
    Old school baby...I like that.
    I remember vividly walking to school in London while trying to read american news while balancing a cup of coffee and an umbrella. I was so far ahead of my time.
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    I think the on demand is a service design for for non evdo speeds. I could imagine using it if I did not have evdo, or if I was often in areas with no data service. in that case being able to set it up to update and download your favorite info on a schedule makes sense. I am in evdo 90% of the time and I canlt think of a circumstance or advantage to using on demand at all.
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    Thanks for posting about removing On Demand. It takes up far too much space for what it does. I removed it completely. Between Blazer and Dir. Assist they get the job done.
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