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    I remember seeing an app that can turn on/off your PC?? Is this a freeware app? can someone give me a link. I just downloaded avvenu and wanted to see if I could get an app to turn on the PC to access avennu.
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    You can wake up your PC remotely several ways.

    First set up your PC to WOL, you will need a motherboard and Lan Card that support WOL. Here are some directions:

    Then you need a way to send the Magic Packet to you PC from your palm you could try any of the following: - free web based tool shareware app $9

    I use Orb, which also allows you to wake up your computer remotely. - free as well

    You may also be interested in a way to put your computer back to sleep remotely. Here are instructions to shutdown your Windows XP machine with a text message and Outlook.
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