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    Can any 700p owners out there tell me if the default photo viewer on the phone still crops pictures like the 650 (unlike the 600)? When I went from the 600 to the 650, I was appalled by the lack of a landscape/widescreen mode. I even installed TCPMP just to view still pictures on the 650 in their original aspect ratio.
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    This is a great question. I have the 700p and am also wondering how you change the setting to 600x480. They say you can do it, but I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me.
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    Picture resolution on the Treo 700P is controlled in the "Photo Settings" page, which you get if you press the menu button (bottom right, on 700P) while the camera app is running. Fourth option down, "Resolution" for which the choices are 1280x1024 (the default), 640x480, and 320x240.

    You can't view the images without cropping that I've found, unlike the 650, but while they're displayed, you can scroll them side to side to see what's cropped off on the square screen. Gently press the stylus to the screen and HOLD it there. While it's still touching the screen, the display will follow its motion left/right and display the hidden parts of the picture.

    Hope this helps.

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    Too bad. You could also scroll from side to side on the 650, but the cropped view is annoying as hell. Does SplashPhoto, which I'm told is included, have a proper landscape viewer?
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    I cannot find the resolution option on the VZ version?

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