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    I've searched this 700p forum and found nothing, so I'm asking. Any recommendations on the "best" bluetooth headsets for the 700p would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    The Sony HBH-610 is nice but after Harv's review of theBoom I'm thinking about giving it a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TFloyd
    I've searched this 700p forum and found nothing.
    You'll find numerous threads regarding BT headsets in the Bluetooth forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edwinsneller
    The Sony HBH-610 is nice but after Harv's review of theBoom I'm thinking about giving it a try.
    Well I had both versions of the Boom and sent the one The Boom for my cell (with the earloop) back to them. Yeah it has the technology to filter out all the noise around you so others can hear you but you can't hear them. It still needs more earpiece volume if you are going to drive the car top down or windows open. Also it was big and bulky on my ear and did not stay in one place do to the long extended mic arm.

    The other unit the Boom O (with the over the head support strap) is a good unit as I thought!!! I bought this to use at my office at home to filter out all the noise (ie Jerry Springer, loud music playing, and kids fighting etc...LOL) while on conference calls. Well it does the trick and no one can hear any background noise at all. My only complaint is that people I call can barely hear me. Every one says huh? or can you repeat that? The only way they hear is if I shout or put the mic right on my lips which to me defeats the purpose. I called them and they let me talk to a sevice tech that said that they have found that the problem I was having was related to certain cordless phone out there and there was no fix. Well I tried it on 3 different cordeless phones and the same thing happened. His advise then was to just use it with my cell phone as he was sure it would work with it. Well that is not what I bought it for...DUH!! I want a small unit to carry inthe car and the larger headset for home.
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    I had the same question and came to the conclusion that there is no "best" BT headset: even for a high-end one, you'll find about 3 out of 4 raves and 1 saying it's the worst P-O-S. Whatever you get, make sure you can return it.

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