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    I have a Seidio 4850 GPS and I think that is overcharging.

    The phone gets hot, and the screen starts to go dark. The light on the front is always green.

    Any ideas or thoughts please. The unit is less than a year old. I have tried different ports in my truck and there is no differance, it also does it in my wifes buick as well so i dont think it is a power problem.

    Am I having a batttery problem or a charger problem.

    Joe Suits
    Treo 650 ( Current Model)
    Treo 600 ( died a horrible death falling off a roof)
    ????? ( old Palm based flip phone. I loved this one it had Grafitti on it)
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    Its not overcharging. Your Treo is getting too hot. The treo is going into cool off mode and you'll notice that the battery is discharging.

    The only way I could really solve this problem for myself was to relocate the unit in the direction of the air vent. Now the Treo stays cool.

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    Ill try that tomorrow on the way home. I may have to switch to the vent mount instead of the window suction.

    Thanks for the reply.

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