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    I have my Treo 650 with TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 direct connected to GPS though a Seidio cradle. I notice that sometime when I stick the Treo in the cradle and turn on the NAVIGATOR software, it connects to the GPS signal almost immediately. Sometimes it takes almost 5 minutes. I was wondering why this happens. Does it make any difference if I exit the program before I remove the Treo from the cradle? Does it make any difference if I wait a few minutes with the Treo in the cradle before I turn on the NAVIGATOR? Should I have the NAVIGATOR on even if I know where I am going so that it will start quicker from an intermediate location? I canít find any answers to these questions on the TomTom site and my experimentations have yielded inconclusive results. I would appreciate it if you would let me know how your system works.

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    don't know how the Seidio unit works and I'm not quite sure if I follow you, but: with my receiver, generally speaking it works best if I turn in on for 1-5 minutes before switching into TomTom, it seems to take that long generally for it to hook up with the satellite. I believe that's the common wisdom.

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