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    A lot of the 'chatter' about best email program seems to be oriented towards IMAP. I'm only interested in POP mail service for email.

    I just spend the last couple of hours playing w/ Chatter. It seems fabulous for IMAP, but POP is rather an afterthought IMO.

    What works best for those folks only using POP mail? and why?
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    I really like snapper.
    never used chatter.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I second the motion for SnapperMail. It is a fine application. I know many people will jump on this and say that Chatter is the best, they do love to evangelize thier Chatter.

    I to only use POP and found Chatter to be focused on IMAP and POP was secondary. Snapper has been great for me from my Treo 600 to my Treo 650 and I am hoping to use it on my Treo 700P which is in the mail on its way to me now.

    Good to try both and see which one is right for you. Don't forget that the 700p has Versamail in the ROM, it might work fine for you and will not require any more cost or memory.

    Some great apps to choose from, good luck.
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    Snappermail is your best bet.

    I've used it for years for POP and it works great. Does SPOP too.
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    I have been using Snapper for a couple of years now and am very happy. POP/SPOP, IMAP/S-IMAP support for inbound and StartTLS support for outbound. Easy to set up and use. Pretty slick all the way around.
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    I tried Chatter after all the rave reviews only to be very disappointed to learn that it will NOT synchrinize with Yahoo! mail or other POP mail if you have many emails in your mailbox. I had 2050 messages with and kept receiving an error that the mailbox was too large to sync, despite the fact that I wanted to set the system to only retrieve recent (last 1 or 2 days) of email. I went to the Chatter forum on thier website and was advised that this was a problem because POP email requires one to verify what is in the entire mailbox when logging in and this was not going to receive a workaround from Chatter (presumably because IMAP is the way of the future).
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    Snapper here also.
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    I don't want to cause a real big debate here, but here's what I think.

    I have pop email (yahoo and gmail). I am not giving up these email services. To me, the advantage of having email of the treo is to have it in real time. Most of the time, I don't have mission critical emails, but sometimes, having my email delivered instantly matters.

    I forward all my emails to an IMAP account (free at or cheap at Using chatter, this pushes the email to my phone in the background in real-time. I still use gmail as my outgoing SMTP server. No one ever knows that i wasn't using my Gmail account.

    If you're going to pay for an email program, you may as well pay for one that truly enables push email on your Treo (and checks the email in the background - very important so as not to interrupt your work) The imap email account is free at fastmail. The developer is awesome over at chatteremail.

    Just my 2 cents.

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