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    I'm interested in the Seidio audio adapter.


    1) Have one of these been made that doesn't block the charging port; or has Seidio thought of offering a lighter power cord & combination audio adapter like this one? I'm wanting to purchase an FM transmitter to use this with, and would like to also power the unit while listening to my mp3's in the car.

    2) Is this audio adapter available from TreoCentral? I can only find it at SeidioOnline's store. I'm buying some other products from here and would like to reduce shipping costs by only making one purchase.

    3) What's the difference between the $10.95 one, and the $14.95 one? Can I not use the phone as a speaker phone with the $10.95 plugged in? --edit (I found the review on this site, which answered this question.)

    4) Does anyone know of a good horizontal case like this one ( that would have the bottom of the Treo exposed so this audio adapter could be used while the Treo is clipped to the belt?

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    1) Not that I know of .. although Seidio has hinted that they might be working on one.

    2) It's safer to buy it from Seidio directly. A few weeks ago, some who had bought it from other sites got the older stock, which did not allow you to use the handset mic.
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