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    Like some others, I have had some problems getting VersaMail to work properly with Gmail. For those who prefer to use it over SnapperMail, ChatterEmail or some other combination, and have been unable to get going properly, I have this combination which works perfectly:

    Go to the Gmail server and under Settings/Forwarding and POP:
    1. Status:
    Choose "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on"
    2. When messages are accessed with POP:
    Choose: "Archive Gmails copy"

    On the palmtop:
    1. Erase the account and set up a new one choosing Gmail as the Mail Service
    2. Enter your email address and choose "Next" several times accepting the defaults until the account has been setup.

    This should now work. Other combinations are very likely possible but I have not yet verified them. The trick seems in favoring the Gmail server settings rather than trying to manipulate things from VersaMail.
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    I pull my Gmail with my PC automatically. I would also like to get the messages via Versamail. Currently, Versamail connects but never downloads anything. The PC is pulling the mail successfully.

    Do you also pull your PC with your PC? If so, does your method allow both devices to see the same messages?
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    No, I do it all manually. I suppose if you left the messages in the Inbox on the server you could do this but managing what is where is one problem. I would be interested to know as well.

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