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    IF this is a repeat i am sorry but i did do a search and saw nothing.

    I have had the treo650 about 6 months and just recently i have been having problems syncing. it will not recognize the treo as a usb device. what i have noticed is that it is a contact issue. that is to say that if the usb cable and the treo do not make just the right contact it does not work. does anyone know is this a treo problem or a usb problem, i have had many treo befores and have not had this problem until palm decided to change the bottom portion of this.

    I have talked with some folks i work with a they are noticing the same thing

    any solutions?
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    There is Threads talking about different ways to clean the contacts where the Treo meets the cable.
    Try using a pin or sewing needle to scratch the contacts to clean metal.
    That's what worked for me.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Another person, I think RomTool Matt, suggested Pushing the pins on the cable in a couple times to loosen up the springy-ness of the contacts.
    Just call me Berd.

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