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    My 700p (VZW) refuses to Hotsync with my iMac (Core Duo), with or without Missing Sync software installed. I've spent hours fiddling around and scouring the net, but to no avail. Please help.

    -the 700p successfully pairs with the iMac and in fact I've been able to transfer files from the computer to the Treo via BT.

    -the 700p successfully syncs with the iMac via USB, both with or without Missing Sync

    -the 700p successfully works with a Motorola BT headset

    I'm happy to give more details if you ask, but this has been very frustrating.

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    Check your preferences under Missing Sync, make sure Bluetooth is checked.
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    Mine works fine with a MacBook Pro. Did you do the step in the 700p bluetooth app to setup the bluetooth hotsync? Click on the setup devices then on the hotsync setup button.
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    I don't mean to hijack this thread from salvatorej, but I have a very similar problem and would also like your assistance.

    I am unable to perform a Bluetooth HotSync between a 700p (mine is on Sprint) and an iMac G5. The devices are paired, but each attempt to perform the Bluetooth HotSync results in an error message that the port is in use by another application, followed by the Treo resetting. I have been through that many times.

    I have tried to follow bcaslis's instruction to do the Bluetooth HotSync setup on the 700p (again), and I think I have done it correctly, but all of the step-by-step instructions on the Treo seem to assume I will sync with a Windows device -- the repeated references to a "System tray" and "local tab" on the "PC" do not make complete sense to me on my iMac.

    I have been through the iMac procedure to set up a bluetooth connection with a mobile phone, and in the Bluetooth sharing preferences I have a Bluetooth-PDA-Sync port turned on. I have set it to show in network preferences, but in network preferences that port appears to be all about communication outside of these two devices, as if I am just going to use the Treo as a modem to an internet service provider. Did I set something up wrong?

    Perhaps I should mention that I do not use Missing Sync, just Palm Desktop 4.2.2 with HotSync manager 3.2.1. I can perform a USB HotSync just fine. I am really interested in performing the Bluetooth HotSync to verify that Bluetooth is working correctly on my Treo before I purchase Bluetooth accessories.

    Advice, please?

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    Drag'n'tooth is a Mac OS X utility for installing files onto your Palm via Bluetooth. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled Mac and a Bluetooth-enabled Palm OS device you'll want Drag'n'tooth.

    Lots of Features In a Tiny Program

    Drag and drop PRC/PDB files to instantly install them on your Palm.
    Drag and drop media files or text files too.
    Send hilited text and text clippings directly to Memo Pad.
    Install multiple files in a single transfer.
    Install files directly to an expansion card.
    No special software is required on the Palm.
    Quickly switch between Palm devices using the dock menu.
    Choose your specific Palm model to use as your dock icon.

    Perfect Replacement for Apple's Bluetooth File Exchange

    No user interaction. Just drag and drop.
    Advanced dock menu containing recently used Palm devices.
    Install multiple files in a single transfer.
    Works with Palms that don't pass File Exchange's validation phase.
    Send any files directly to the Palm's expansion card.
    Convenient "Retry" option.

    Bluetooth Dongle Compatible

    If your Mac doesn't have built-in Bluetooth, consider getting a Bluetooth USB adapter for your Mac. They work great and are a surprisingly inexpensive wireless solution.

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